Credit: Craig LaCourt

Credit: Craig LaCourt

Sohui Kim

Chef & Partner

Sohui was born in Seoul, Korea and lived there until the age of ten, as part of a household where food and entertaining were a regular event. In 1981, her family immigrated to the United States and settled in the Bronx. After acquiring a Bachelor of Arts degree from Barnard College, she was hunting for life’s meaning and discovered her quest for passion. And it was in cooking.

After graduating from the Peter Kump School of Cooking, she started her career with an externship at Blue Hill under chefs Dan Barber and Michael Anthony, who then invited her to join them as they opened Blue Hill Stone Barns. Not wanting to move to Westchester, she went to work for Anita Lo at the celebrated restaurant Annisa in the West Village, quickly rising through the ranks. After Annisa, she did stints working for the Batali/Bastianich group under chef Anne Burrell, recipe testing for Cesare Casella, and as a private chef making French and Japanese food at the high-end Sony Club. In 2005, she was convinced by her husband Ben Schneider to go forth on her own, and together they opened The Good Fork in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Nearly a decade later, Sohui’s highly personal, totally accessible style of cooking has ensured that The Good Fork remains both a beloved neighborhood eatery and a destination restaurant.

Credit: Craig LaCourt

Credit: Craig LaCourt

Ben Schneider

Contractor & Partner

Ben is a native New Yorker who grew up on the Upper West Side during the 70’s and 80’s, spent several years in between as a child in Sicily with his parents, who were anthropologists (and Italian food experts) studying Sicilian culture. After attending the University of Michigan, he spent a decade in Chicago working as an actor and a cabinetmaker. In 2001, he moved back to New York and met Sohui Kim when she attended a show he was in with Okwui, her best friend from the Bronx. After impressing her sufficiently with his mother’s recipe for osso buco, she agreed to marry him and they moved to Red Hook. In 2005, he put his carpentry skills to good use by building The Good Fork, the restaurant he and Sohui now run together. Since then, he has also learned how to create a beverage program, pair wine, make espresso, manage the front of the house and wait tables, something he surprisingly never did throughout his 30 years of acting experience.

Credit:  Diane S. Kang

Yong Shin

Sous Chef & Partner

Yong is Korean born and raised in Dubai, U.A.E. He was fortunate to grow up in a family of foodies with an excellent cook for a mother. Art school brought him to New York but shortly after graduation, he stumbled into the kitchen in a serendipitous manner. Under the guidance of chef Sohui Kim, Yong learned the basics of cooking in a professional kitchen at The Good Fork. Whilst working, he also attended the French Culinary Institute and graduated with honors. After two years, Yong started cooking at Franny's, where he learned the importance of seasonal cooking with high quality ingredients, utilizing a wood fired oven and where he fell in love with the practice of fermentation. Before the opportunity arose to open Insa, Yong was a private chef, spent time hosting pop-ups with friends and assisting in various kitchens throughout Brooklyn. As he started developing a deeper love and respect for Korean cuisine, history and culture, Yong has been constantly digging into his roots and memories while visiting Korea for inspiration.

Credit:  Diane S. Kang

Sunny Lim

Assistant General Manager

She will beat you on the dance floor.


Rachel Shin


Before her career in restaurants, Rachel was the Editorial Assistant at Cook's Illustrated magazine. During her Saturn Return, Rachel decided that she wasn't destined for life behind a computer and would instead work in a place that she was the happiest, in restaurants.

Rachel was part of the opening team at Insa and started off as a host. Over the years, she's worked almost every position at the restaurant, from running food to wrangling rowdy karaoke rooms. For Rachel, Korean food is about more than just food. It's her blood and bones. And she's very proud to be carrying on the memory of her grandmother at Insa, a Korean Fun Time Place for Celebration.